The Brand

Heaven Is Here Now is a spiritual and multi-dimensional coaching program that opens the hearts of those who are ready to surrender to the heart-opening frequencies of Heaven.  The brand intends to show clients how to bring Heaven through themselves, anchor it and flip reality inside out so that Heaven is here on earth instead of just within. 

HIHN shows people how to make Heaven tangible so that people can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it, and perceive it.
HIHN offers the frequencies of Heaven, through sound (music), sight (tv), smell (elixirs), touch (books/other products), and energetic broadcasts that I emanate. The brand also offers a much more immersive experience where people can exponential their experience of Heaven by working in a group setting or one on one.


The Task

We started this project as we usually do with any branding project. Strategy first then Identity design, what's a little unusual about this project is we've never combined futurism and spirituality as a direction. The brand needs to have a bold feel, Sci-Fi, and people be able to have a high quality of life. A logo that matches futuristic shapes and a color that has a frequency of heaven.


The Work

The logo was developed by combining the letters H, I, and N, and we came up with a futuristic-looking symbol. 

With the logo sorted out, it was time to move to the brand colors and then typography. Both elements helped the brand feel like it could elevate human consciousness.