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The Brand

Jenna Weitzman a.k.a "The Witch Doctor" is a licensed doctor of physical therapy with a focus on holistic medicine. Jenna is a certified Professional Yoga Therapist and is also trained in pelvic health physical therapy. 

Jenna's purpose in this lifetime is to walk the path of self-actualization and empower others to find their own path to this place of freedom, self-expression, and power. Her mission is to create more joy, more light, and more love in this world and to support others through their healing process to get there. Through this journey, Jenna takes pride in helping people develop their own relationship with spirit and learn to trust their intuition as a means of communicating with the divine.


The Task

We knew we needed to outline a direction for what would become a leading transformational coach.

We've worked with Jenna for a few months developing her personal brand and positioning her as a healing inspiration to her followers. 

Her website must be an extension of her personality and make people feel safe, inspired, and connected to the divine. 


The Work

Both the design and development teams connected after the discovery session, which made a smooth journey throughout the branding and web development process.

The logo we designed fits perfectly with Jenna, which resembles a shamanic fan made of feathers, an icon in her work. The overall brand identity we designed is very organic yet refined, and cozy yet mystical. Her Color palette is earthy and sensual, enough to create attention and curiosity. 

The same applies to what we created for her website. Everything from the colors and icons is there with a purpose, to help the brand shine on its own.



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