Logo Design
Brand Activation

The Brand

Purposed with infectious inspiration, Nina is the founder of the Wild, Divine, Orgasmic Leadership Movement. Nina is sharing her liberation with the world's most impeccable women through individual and group experiences and retreats. Her clients, the bravest of women; enjoy amazing connections to their body, feel exquisite levels of self-expression, and step into their power like nobody's business. These women access their true inner goddess, magnetize their desires, and hold a divine magnetism that brings them an impenetrable inner joy and peace.

The Task

Nina has always been a figure of power and self-expression. Like most life coaches, Nina needed to align her image with her principles and create a connection with her audience. 

After the discovery session, we identified some issues that break the consistency within her brand.  With her growing followers, Nina needed a guideline and a touchpoint where her audience can connect with her. 

The Work

We approach the brand by identifying the brand attributes ( glamorous, wild, and playful ) and merging them to create a unique persona. 

Nina already had an exceptional logo and we decided not to create a new one. With just some minor adjustments, the logo will still be a memorable symbol for the brand. 

Establishing the brand identity was followed closely by a complete development of her website.  The website is a more consistent experience for the brand to build recognition and generate revenue.

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