TIHOCO   |   Founder & CEO
Creative Director & Visual Identity Expert

Tia Marie has over two decades of experience in online business development and Identity Building. As a creative art director she is passionate about immersive brands and frequency as a path to genius expression. Her inspiration lives in the mystery and power of creating bold brands that serve your expansion as a cult of personality. 


HYPERFLORE   |    Brand Strategist & Writer

Marissa is passionate about creating tools with soul and strategy. As an author, journalist and playwright, words have always been her art. As a longtime entrepreneur, with successful endeavors in the food, journalism and community-building sectors, she understands the reality and mentality of your team. Drawing together the grace of story and the focus of commerce is a skill she brings to clients in worlds as diverse as wellness franchises to national educational institutions. She is also an advocate for elevating the industry with better tools and methods.


Brand Strategist & Identity Designer

Chester B started at a very young age in creative design. His work is focused on branding, strategy and identity design. His passion is developing brands using strategic psychology and creative thinking. Chester is very technical and experienced in working with different industries. He believes that a brand is about what the audience says it is. At TIHOCO, we believe that it's your job to define this. 


Web Designer & Developer - WEBFLOW, KAJABI specialist

I love helping digital creators cultivate the freedom to live and express themselves and create the lives they dream. Investing in technology that supports that is the most important step you can take in building an online business you love.


Creative Artist

As an artist, Maarja describes her work as a sensory experience. Her process includes listening to the tones, feeling the first glimpses of each new blank canvas as she stays curious about how each specific creation wishes to express itself. This translates as striking vibrational patterns designed specifically for your brand, that compliment and allow you to be in constant stream of communication and inspiration with it and you will be unmissable by your client