How to connect Google Analytics to your Kajabi website

What is Google Analytics and why you should be using it for your Kajabi site even though Kajabi has its own internal analytics. 

If you have looked around in Kajabi website settings you may have noticed Kajabi has analytics and so you wonder why should I use Google for the same thing. And thats where the difference comes, Google analytics gives you lot more detailed information. 

Why is Kajabi connected Google Analytics important?

It tells you these 3 main things
- WHO has visited your site
- HOW they got to your website
- WHAT are they doing on your site

Google Analytics is an essential tool that will help you understand those metrics and give you an insight what works and what does not.


So how do I begin? Simply just follow these steps and in few days you will be able to see how much traffic you get on your site.

1 - open Google Analytics or in your search bar, type in "google analytics" then click the link in search results

2 - use the appropriate email address thats tied to the domain you are trying to connect

3 - log in / sign up into google

4 - Once you are inside Goggle Analytics dashboard scroll down to the bottom and left corner click ADMIN

5 - Click DATA STREAMS then click on the site you are trying to connect

6 - When a pop up opens you need to look for - MEASUREMENT ID, its a string of letter and numbers in this form G-X1XX11X111

7 - copy this code

8 - open Kajabi - Settings - Third Party Integrations - scroll down to Google Analytics

9 - check the button on - paste the code - hit SAVE

and you are done, see it wasnt that hard 


It will take Google about 24-48 hours to start gathering any data to show up in your reports

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