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How to set up Google Search Console for your Kajabi website

If you want to understand the traffic that comes to your Kajabi website, you need to connect Google Search Console which gives you lots of information you can then analyze and move your business towards your goal.

1 - in your search bar type in "google search console"

2 - click the link, start now and log in with your google account or create one

3 - type in your domain name you want to connect, continue

4 - it will need to verify that you own your domain

5 - verify your domain - go to where you bought your domain (godaddy, etc) and you will have to copy the TXT code to your DNS records (this might take up to 48 hrs to update) 

6 - when you done verifying your domain you will get to the main search console dashboard

7 - on the left side click SITEMAP and into search bar type in -

8 - click submit and wait for it to load up

And thats all for now, it takes couple of days for google to display any data


We hope this was helpful, if you have a hard time doing this dont hesitate to reach out to us.


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