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MR. POPS - TIHOCO Bold Brand Highlight


"We help you create bold brands. Our work is unique, potent, and inspired. We don't settle for cookie cutter brands and neither should you."

Here at TIHOCO we are always immersing ourselves in daily inspiration that ignites our creativity and drive to create powerful brands that embody your unique style. 


This week, we want to highlight Mr. POPS. 

Mr. POPS is a highly dynamic brand with a lot of character and a streamlined look that makes you immediately curious about what they offer. 

The brand is a TOTAL VIBE. 


What we love:

1. We love the simple and potent color palate. 

2. The highly interactive website with a ton of animations that aren't distracting or over done. 

3. Large typeface with a sassy attitude.

4. Simple, compelling photography that gives the brand a classy, fun, look.

5. White drawn outlines over images that are animated and bring the page another dimension of life. 

Take a look at their website here. You can read their website in Ukrainian or English. 


Are you ready to create a brand that takes your work to the next level?

Branding, Imagery, AI Copy.....there is boom of creativity and creation happening right now in the world and we find it very exciting. In the future it will be crucial that you know your brand, have visuals to support your creative process, and that you stay relevant. 

How do you do this? By investing in the foundations of building your brand and use your creativity to create content that serves your clients. You need to engage the senses, your client's emotions, and articulate the problem you solve. 

There are so many more ways to do that is time to innovate. 

Want to work with us? Apply here. We are running a special on webflow sites and would love to show you what this platform can do for you. If you are looking for a 3-5 page website with form and link functionality, reach out to us and get started today. 

Have a question? Ready to start a project?


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